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Brexit and working as a stockbroker in London (UK).

Evening all,

I'm studying to become a stockbroker and although I appreciate that I'm still a long way off (see my other posts regarding education and what to major in) I would really like to work in London (or elsewhere in the UK) once I pass my series 7 exam.

All over the news at the moment are stories about Brexit and the UK leaving the EU. If i pass my stockbroker exams will I still be able to get a job or train further as a stockbroker in London or will I no longer be allowed into the country?

Thereasa May seems like a trustworthy character and I'm sure she would protect my rights as an employee if I was accepted by one of the big financial institutions but I'm not really strong with politics. What do you all think?

There's been a lot of talk about EU institutions moving away from the UK (to Frankfurt or Paris for example) following Brexit but is this for real or just all talk? If I manage to become a stockbroker I really really want to be based in London rather than on the continent. I know a lot of you will think this is because London brokers earn more but it's not just about average salary it's about the whole experience and for years and years London has been home to the best brokers and obviously the FTSE and I want to be a part of that.

Sorry if I am rambling I'm just a bit worried.

Thanks again.

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