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Eversmart energy cashback or referral code?

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help!

I'm trying to keep my bills down during training and am looking to switch my energy supplier. I've used a few comparison sites and it looks like a company called Eversmart Energy are going to be the cheapest for me. There is one cheaper company but they're only on a variable tariff so I'd rather fix the prices for a year so I'll go with Eversmart.

On their website they make reference to getting either cashback or a discount of some sort through their referral / refer a friend programme. I've checked all the major cashback websites (TopCashBack / Quidco, etc) and Eversmart aren't listed. I've seen a forum post that suggests the only way to earn the cashback/discount is by using a referral link/discount code provided by a "friend" who's already an Eversmart customer.

I was wondering if anyone here is with this company and would mind sharing a code or inviting me? I think you should get some cashback from Eversmart too so it could be win/win?

Thanks in advance!

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