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What does it cost to take series 7 exam?


Does anyone know how much I can expect to pay to take the series 7 exam? I've been following an online stockbroker course and I think realistically I should be ready for the series 7 in around another three or four months.

Also if I fail the series 7 exam can I resit it for free or maybe at a discounted rate?



  • Hola Enrique!

    I know for a fact that Finra are currently charging over $300 for the series 7. I'm pretty sure that if you fail you will have to pay again.

  • Thanks. I was being lazy, I should have just searched online. I've checked on the Finra website and the cost of taking the series 7 exam is $305.

    I really hope I can get a discounted rate on a retake though. I'm not confident that I'll pass first time :(

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