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How to become a broker in the Philippines?

Hello All,

My name is Angelo and I am a Filipino from the Philippines. I am a young guy but I have always been good with numbers and arithmetic. I can speak English fluently (one of my close family members is from the UK).

I have always dreamed of becoming a stockbroker or financial trader like on the movie the wolf of wallstreet :)

I've searched online for information to discover what it takes to become a stockbroker over here in the Philippines but I can't find anything useful. All of the forums and websites I find talk about becoming a broker in English speaking countries. Does anyone on here know what the process is for getting a career as a stockbroker in the Philippines? I have read that in the US you need to pass a series 7 or series 63 exam but I don't think this will be the same in my country?

Hope someone can help me out.

Thank you.

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