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Online broker test


I'm interested in a career as a stockbroker but I'm still in the early stages of conducting my research. I've read that ultimately after finishing a training program I'd need to sit various exams. The series 63 and even the series 7 sound pretty difficult.

I've worked in finance for quite a few years and like to think I know a bit more than the average guy about this kind of stuff as it is "my thing".

My friend told me that there are certain websites that provide kind of dummy stockbroker exams. Kind of like a sample stockbroker exam just to see how good you are.

If I join would they provide me with an online broker test that I can complete in my own time, just for fun and for reference?

I want to know how much I need to brush up on my skills before commiting to much time to learning this stuff and I think an online test would point me in the right direction.


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