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How hard is it to become a stockbroker?

Hi All,

I've been asking recently about how long it takes to become a stockbroker but I forgot to ask the more important question of how hard it is to become one?

I don't mind spending a bit of time learning either online or in a local college environment but I don't want to waste my time if I'm ultimately going to fail my exams. Surely it can't be that hard to become a broker can it? I don't know, maybe it can, I supose we're all good at different things aren't we.

If I were to spend 3 hours a day studying in my own time for one year do you think I would find the exam too hard at that point or do you think I'd have a fair chance at passing?

The reason for me asking is that I was originally thinking of just getting a low paid training position and letting a company train me on one of these stockbroker training schemes but looking around the Web they seem pretty few and far between and their acceptance requirements are quite high.

So is it too hard or would you say it's achieveable?



  • Hello Dentist,

    Like most things in life, becoming a stockbroker is only hard if it's something you don't enjoy studying. If you are really (and I mean REALLY) interested and passionate about the world of finance, stocks, share, brokers, etc. then you'll find it a pleasure to study stockbrokering and in turn your training will seem a lot easier.

    If we tell ourselves that we are doing something because we want to or because we enjoy it then our mind helps to keep us focussed as it is no longer a "job".

    You mention that you are thinking of studying for three hours per day for a year. I think if it is part of a well structured training plan, you would have no issues in sitting (and passing!) your stock broker exams in the course of a year.

    Let me know of you have any questions because we have all been in your shoes at one point or another.


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