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Can you become a stockbroker without a degree?


Basically I'm looking for a short yes or no answer to this question. I want to become a stockbroker but I don't have a degree in any field? Is this going to be a non-starter for me or is there the possibility to train from scratch?

I'm thinking about paying for one of these home study courses from the Internet but I don't want to drop a load of cash on one and spend ages studying at home only to find that I can't actually get a job as a stockbroker because I don't have a degree.

I've read on a few job sites that they are only interviewing candidates that have an appropriate degree in finance. Is this just the policy of the individual firms would you say or it a degree essential for a stockbroker?



  • Yes.

    Ha Ha, only joking, I wouldn't leave you hanging even if you asked for a one word answer.

    It is possible to become a broker without a degree and in fact many people in the business don't hold a degree. I'd like to go as far as to say that they can't read, write or even string a sentance together but that would be a bit too far.

    Before we go any further, tell us a bit about yourself. Do you have any other qualifications? What do you enjoy, maths and numbers for example? Is it possible for you to get a degree or another qualification (ie. Are you at a crossroads and trying to decide University vs Stockbroker)?


  • In short I don't see why not. As long as you provide your clients a quality service as a result as your own training and such I honestly don't see why that would be a problem.

  • It is generally recommended that you acquire at least a bachelor's degree prior to becoming a stock broker

  • You can become a broker without a degree, but I'd highly recommend that you complete your degree first and then get into the business

  • It is easy to become a stockbroker. All you need is a pulse and possibly a college degree.

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