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What do I need to major in to become a stockbroker?

Hi Gents (and ladies!),

I've posted a couple of times before asking various questions about becoming a stockbroker.

I've had some really useful responses from the admins and more senior members of this forum but I still have a few queries if you don't mind me asking.

I really need to find out what I should major in if I want to give myself the best possible chance of becoming a broker. I'm really good with all sorts of numbers and especially finance but if I want to get a placement or apprenticeship or even enrollement into an online stockbroker course I need to know what major they are expecting.

Being a stockbroker is now my main goal and I can't see myself doing anything other than that so I don't want to study and major in something that won't allow me to reach my goals. If anyone on here is already working or training as a stock broker, can you let me know what it was that you majored in and if you even need a major for this career path?

Thanks as always,


  • Many, many, many people fail in this field, and if you're one of those (I sincerely hope not), your transition to another field will be much smoother with a university degree.

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