The Best Stockbroker Training Programs and Courses

In today’s tremendously competitive market getting into a broker training program has become very hard; very, very hard. The reason is because of the competition for jobs in the market which has gone through the roof. But like in all professions there are some smart ways of landing a place in a stockbroker training program. Here in this article we have compiled for you a set of some killer tips that will surely help you in achieving your desired goals.

Make a resume that dazzles

These days recruitment departments rarely go through all the resumes manually; instead they are scanned through some computer software and only a select few pass this test. This is because these specially designed software applications look only for certain things in your resume or CV. These could be certain attributes that the firm is looking for in potential candidates. So it can hardly be guaranteed that including a certain term would make your resume more noticeable, but there are things that you can focus on in your resumes to make it more appealing to employers of stock brokers.

What should be emphasized?

Studied at a top school? Have a great-point average that can turn heads? Ever been on the schools honors list? Any career accomplishments that people would be envious of? Well these are exactly the things that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you have ever been associated with a big name organization as an intern or did any certification from reliable, well known stock broker institute put it in your resume. You should also mention the things you achieved at your previous jobs, mentioning cost savings or revenues that you have generated over your career are sure to interest those sitting in the recruitment department. After all you are being hired to make your company profit; if you’re good at it you’re doing it right.

Intern experience matters

One thing you must remember is that firms these days prefer individuals who already have a sound practical knowledge of different brokerage principles. If you have understanding of the business you’ll be able to hit the ground running and be able to contribute in the company’s endeavors right from the start. So before applying to get into a stock broker training program you must first work as an intern at some firm. This shows your eagerness to learn things and grow; and that’s exactly what the industry demands.

There are some simple ways to land your first internship. If you’re currently studying in a graduate school or college you can simply contact your student advisor or career counselor to hook you up with some intern program at a decent stock brokerage firm. Working as an intern can additionally earn you some college credits hours too which is a bonus.

However if you’re out of college you can still land an internship with a bit of effort. Make a striking resume and cover letter and send it to various firms. You can offer to work voluntarily at the start; which will make the chances of getting hired a lot better. It may seem a bit tedious to work without getting paid, but all of this effort will eventually pay off, the start is never easy and you much remember that but after hours of stock broker training you will reap the rewards. At the end of the day when you have something to show for your efforts on the resume it will make you stand out from those who are coming without any prior work experience.

Make Links

Knowing the right people always helps. And it certainly helps when you are working in the stock business. If you are in college get assistance from a student advisor; they can always provide you with solid reference that will help you get into a good program.
Another great way of making contacts is by staying in touch with your college friends and seniors. Many of them would already have landed good jobs; and will certainly help a lot. Joining professional stockbroker associations and going to such meeting also helps a lot in networking.

What makes you stand out?

Almost all the would-be stockbroker trainees come equipped with the same set of skills, the system churns out people who all the know the same things. What’s really going to get you noticed is some special skill that you have developed that makes you stand apart from those around you. It could be the way you speak, the way you persuade someone, or anything you are really good at. Sharpen your skill which you most like and make it your weapon. Be sure to demonstrate it when you go for the interview. A candidate that has something different to offer is more likely to be inducted in a program.

Wow the interviewer

The most crucial phase in the entire process is your interview. Be extremely well prepared for the interview; this can be the make or break session where you either mange to impress the interview or he will simply discard you. Interview can be tough for many but all you need to do is be confident; don’t show any nerves, go in there and get hold of the conversation. If you can manage to impress the interviewer and convince him that you would make a great student on his stockbroker training course, you are very likely to get selected.
Getting into a broker training program is very tough these days; but if you implement these suggestions your chances of making it through will be a lot better.

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